Teacher / Studio Manager

Rose was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan. She started an irregular yoga practice back in 2012 while attending the University of Saskatchewan. A more steady practice emerged in 2014 when she joined the Studio Ambassador program. Throughout her university career and beyond, yoga has always been the place she goes to regroup and cultivate a little bit of peace for herself. 

In January 2016 she made the trek to Nicaragua in order to deepen her practice.  As a way to start truly living her yoga, completing her 300 hour Modo yoga teacher training in the process. Since then she completed her Modo Flow training and a Yin Training. 

Upon arriving home she is still working to explore her personal growth through yoga and to deepen her practice (always a work in progress!).  She hopes to spread peace to others and and help them find a safe place within their own practice. Rose would one day love to be able to teach all day everyday but currently works as an office administrator and department supervisor at a local business.