Born and raised in Saskatoon, Jodi had always been curious about yoga but it wasn’t until she moved to Taiwan that she started to practice.  After just a few classes she was hooked and began practicing daily.  After returning to Saskatoon, that is when she really fell in love with how soulful her practice could be, how life could become more than just a daily grind and yoga could become more than just headstands, handstands and loooong holds in the Warrior series.  She found that yoga began to help her develop physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  She has several teachers she holds close in heart for whom she is grateful and has learned from and credits her Modo family for the teacher she is today. She fully embraced the beauty and power of yoga with the birth of her son Keenan where he was born peacefully at home through Ujjayi breathing, a strong focus and being fully present in the moment.