Growing up on a farm just outside of Saskatoon SK, Lynsey always had a knack for the outdoors. A country girl at heart, she could be found going for long walks down backroads with the family dog, as well as journaling, and socializing in her hometown of Clavet. It was not until she moved into the city of Saskatoon, when she was first introduced to hot yoga. Continuously looking for a new way to stay fit, as well as a nourishing niche for her spirit, Lynsey soon tried her first class at Modo Yoga Saskatoon. A few years later, she became involved in the Ambassador Program at the studio, looking to become more connected to the community. Lynsey then decided to take the 500 Level Yoga Training in Kelowna, BC in July 2016. Not knowing what to expect, but being open to change, she embarked on this new journey. Lynsey could not be more grateful for yoga. It continues to teach her about herself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Lynsey continues to challenge herself to live yoga on and off her mat, being a positive spark in the community. She believes yoga truly is for everyone, and that it can be used to enhance one’s life in more ways than one.