Looking for a way to de-stress from a busy life, Tracy stumbled into her first yoga class in
2009 and immediately fell in love with the discipline and the positive effects the practice had
on her mental and physical health.
Tracy quickly adopted a daily practice and was fortunate to study various styles of yoga with
several wonderful instructors before finding Ashtanga. In 2014 she met her teacher, Emma
O’Neill, Mysore Toronto who continues to help Tracy to deepen her practice and understanding of asana, yoga principles, meditation, and mindful movement.  
Ever a curious student, Tracy has had a committed Mysore style practice and incorporates
hand balancing, strength and flexibility training, meditation, and laughter in her daily
Under her teacher’s guidance, Tracy completed a two-year Ashtanga yoga apprenticeship with Mysore Toronto and became a registered teacher after completing her 200-hr teacher training in 2018.  
Tracy is passionate about community-building and sharing both her practice and learnings from her mat.  She strives to make her classes inspiring and accessible to all and enjoys helping students better
connect with their bodies and cultivate a steady and focused mind.