Community Partner: Hennings Structural

We would like to take the opportunity to introduce our newest VIP Community Partner: Hennings Structural. Operated by long time MYS student Trevor Hennings, Hennings Structural is a bodywork-based therapy that looks at the whole body when it comes to addressing healing. As a practitioner of Structural Medicine, Trevor applies an in depth knowledge of anatomy and postural patterns to locate the source of limitation or discomfort in order to inform the use of fascial release techniques to make lasting changes to your structure.

“Each session is designed to change how you feel, move, and connect with your body. By working together I will help release and prepare your body for activities you might have thought were out of your reach. The work is unique and impactful and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you all.” – Trevor Hennings, Structural Medicine Specialist, LMT

Hennings Structural is offering a new client special for MYS VIP Members:

Three (3), two-hour long sessions for $350 (normally $540) 
A 15% discount to all VIP members for individual sessions.

To schedule or get answers to any questions or curiosities, visit Hennings Structural online, email Trevor at or call 206.931.4039.