Featured Human of MYS: August 2019

It is with great joy that I introduce you to August’s Feature Human of MYS – Julianne Dinallo! Julianne first visited us in December 2017 after her curiosity was piqued while driving passed. Since that humble beginning, she has hit her mat here at Modo Yoga Seattle over 260 times. Her dedication to her practice and self-care is something to behold. We’ve asked Julianne to share a bit of her journey and how she’s used her breath to find patience and calm anxiety. Be sure to greet this inspiring yogi when next you see her around the studio!


What do you remember about the first time you tried yoga?

My sister Nicole, took me to my first yoga class in Cleveland six years ago and I walked out craving more. I felt a sense of calmness that I had never felt before and I needed more. I am forever grateful that Nicole brought me along.


How has your practice influenced your life off your mat?

Yoga has helped influence a relationship of self-love and care for myself. Through yoga I am learning to love myself first and take time to care for myself before others. It is definitely not an easy lesson to learn. The influence of yoga is also teaching me that it’s okay to land on my mat for 60 minutes without feeling guilty.


Could you share some words of wisdom that you have gained from your practice?

To be patient and loving with yourself on and off your mat. Most importantly, follow your breath and smile when the times are tough.


Yoga makes the impossible possible. Would you share an experience or achievement from your life that you feel yoga helped support?

Yoga has had an amazing affect on my anxiety. I have learned to sit with my emotions and to be patient with them…when it becomes too mucky I follow my breath. With the practice of yoga I’m learning to become a better person for myself physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Upheld in the Modo Live to Learn Pillar, Svadyaya is the yoga practice of self-study. We flex our curiosity to learn about ourselves and learn about our world. What is your favorite book or documentary that you think everyone should read? Why?

I just started, Perfectly Imperfect by Baron Baptiste. The book is helping me understand what happens mentally when the pose gets challenging. It allows you to see where the transformation begins. I suggest the book because it allows you to understand why you may have plateaued in class or had this amazing emotional breakthrough.