Featured Human of MYS: March 2020

We are honored to introduce you to this month’s Featured Human of MYS – Stacy Andrews! This bright light is not only a student here at Modo, but a dedicated Energy Exchanger as well. You may recognize her from the Sunday morning desk shift where she welcomes all with her smile and endless compassion. After dabbling in her practice here when we first opened in 2014, she feels her practice really started with her first 30-Day Challenge in 2017. We are so fortunate to have this caring soul support our community as well as being an active part of it. She has shared some of her humble journey with us and we couldn’t be more blessed than to be able to share it with you.

So Stacy, what do you remember about the first time you tried yoga?

I remember being incredibly nervous and uncertain about how it was going to go as I walked to MYS for my first day of the challenge. I was greeted by really nice, warm and welcoming people at the desk. There were so many happy and smiley people in the lobby, and I really wanted to make friends there and be a part of that.

You have really dived into your practice. How do you feel is has impacted your life?

My practice has taught me that I am capable of doing really hard and uncomfortable things, and that those hard and uncomfortable things are always going to come up. It has also taught me how to sit with myself and the sweetness of silence.

Could you share some words of wisdom that you have gained from your practice?

I will never forget the day Jen gave me permission to give myself permission to have a full practice of savasana. Every time she said breath in, I did, and every time she said breath out I did. It was hard and uncomfortable, but it truly changed my practice.

If you’re feeling powerful or need to work off some of your day, seek your edge. If you’re overwhelmed or exhausted, it’s completely okay to have a practice filled with savasana. The hot room is always welcoming, no matter what you’re bringing.

Brandon and Kylie often remind us that yoga makes the impossible possible. Would you share an experience from your life that you feel yoga helped support?

I’m proud of the progress I’ve made toward finding value in myself. It’s something I have, I am, and I will continue to work on.

Upheld in the Modo Live to Learn Pillar, Svadyaya is the yoga practice of self-study. We flex our curiosity to learn about ourselves and learn about our world. Do you have a book or documentary that you think everyone should experience? Why?

I recommend everyone take a moment to watch the documentary ON YOGA: The Architecture of Peace, a documentary by Michael O’Neill. It is beautifully shot, thought provoking, and has the power to change your perspective with your practice.