Featured Human of MYS: November 2019

It is with extreme joy that we introduce you to this month’s Featured Human of MYS, Brandi Diaz. Perhaps known to you more recently as her alter ego DJ Nada Rosa, the mixing maven who provided the tunes for our 30-Day Challenge Celebration Class, Brandi has been a dedicated member of our Energy Exchange team since joining us here at Modo back in the spring of this year. With a passion for community and a drive to give back, we could not be more thankful that this fireball of a human crossed our path. Her upbeat attitude and positive perspective are just a couple of things we’re sure you’ll love about her too!

What brought you here to Modo Yoga Seattle?

Serendipity. I moved to Seattle last year, and ended up down the street from Modo. A friend told me I should check it out. I was searching for a community that would support me in my life journey, and that I could give something back to as well. I’m so thankful everyday to have found so much more than I ever imagined at Modo! Not only a community, but a home and a family here <3

What do you remember about the first time you tried yoga in general? 

I was 16 when I first tried yoga. My teacher was a super cool punk chick with a giant back tattoo of a dragon. Going through my awkward teenage angst/goth phase at the time, I remember feeling so accepted, inspired, and empowered by her. It was like nothing I had ever tried before. It made me curious and eager to keep trying.

How has your practice influenced your life beyond the mat?

Yoga has allowed me to really begin to see myself as I am, and witness my own growth. It has also allowed me to find my voice, have patience, listen deeply, and feel deeply. I go about life much more at peace because of yoga, and have a much more conscious connection to my breath.

Could you share some words of wisdom that you have gained from your practice?

Our bodies are always changing. Practicing helps us notice those subtle (or not-so-subtle) changes. Off the mat, we can begin to notice all the subtleties in our days. We can choose to sit with them, breathe with them, and accept them as they are.

The yoga sutras teach us that yoga makes the impossible possible. Would you share an experience from your life that you feel yoga helped support?

Yes! The 30 day challenge showed me SO many things. I was booked as a DJ and musician more times this last month than ever before in my life. In the past, opportunities like these would have given me paralyzing anxiety…enough to turn them down or self-sabotage. Because of yoga, I got through all of the shows without that fear that made me want to run away, and instead, embraced my breath, my voice, and the beautiful things coming into my life.

Upheld in the Modo Live to Learn Pillar, Svadyaya is the yoga practice of self-study. We flex our curiosity to learn about ourselves and learn about our world. What is your favorite book or documentary that you think everyone should read? Why?

Letters To a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke. A short, but incredibly deep book about the creative process. It’s one of those books that you could flip to any page and be inspired by.

Thank you, Brandi – we’re certainly inspired by you!