Supporting the Amazon & Junglekeepers

Each year the studios in the global Modo Yoga community band together in support on an environmental charity to help raise awareness as well as funds to help protect and sustain our natural world. We call this special time Grow Your Yoga as we take our yoga beyond the hot room and out into the world. This year we are partnering with Junglekeepers to protect one of the most biodiverse and pristine areas of the Peruvian Amazon: the Las Piedras river corridor, one of the last remaining untouched rainforests on earth.

This past year, many studios were part of global climate movements like the Global Climate Strike. Knowing the crisis our planet is facing, we are tasked with doing everything we can to help stem the changing climate. As climate leader Greta Thunberg reminds us, trees are a natural climate solution and an important tool in the fight against climate change.

Protecting and restoring the Amazon is more vital than ever, which is why we have once again partnered with Junglekeepers for this year’s Grow Your Yoga. By focusing our efforts on one single organization, we are also massively increasing our impact, as a community, and on the world.

Join us throughout March and April as we sweat to protect the Peruvian Amazon!

Our monthly charities are nominated by students like you to receive karma support. Do you have a charity you’d like to nominate, maybe even one you volunteer your time for? Let us know!