Supporting the Burn Foundation

As we move deep into summer and the risk of wildfires increases, we’ve decided to feature the efforts of the Burn Foundation from the Washington State Council of Fire Fighters all month long. Throughout August your $5 cash donations each Friday for karma yoga at 7:30pm will help support their mission to “promote the education and prevention of burn injuries and improve the lives of burn survivors.” The Burn Foundation is run by professional fire fighters who volunteer their time giving back to their communities in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska.

One of the programs the Burn Foundation helps support is Camp Eyabsut here in Seattle’s Cascade Mountains. Eyabsut is an annual week-long summer camp offered at no cost for young burn survivors, ages 5-17 from across the Pacific Northwest region. The Camp can accommodate approximately 60 campers each July. The cost to send one child to camp is approx. $1,000 including travel, food, and lodging. All volunteers and camp counselors are adult burn survivors, returning campers, and/or fire fighters.

Learn more about the Burn Foundation as well as the Washington State Council of Fire Fighters on the Council’s website.