Teacher / Student

Hi there! I have lived in and around the Seattle area for my whole life. Growing up with asthma it was hard for me to play sports but I always loved being active. I tried out different activities over the years and never really liked any of them until I discovered yoga in high school and instantly fell in love.

When I was in college in Tacoma I found an amazing yoga studio and started to learn more about what yoga had to offer off the mat. After losing my dad during my sophomore year I really dove into my practice – using the physical, mental, and spiritual tools I learned in the hot room as coping and healing mechanisms in my life.

When I graduated and moved to Seattle and away from the studio that had taught me so much I felt kind of wandering with my practice – lacking a place to land – until I found myself in a Karma class at Modo. Modo offered a space that was friendly and supportive, the sense of connection and community was apparent from the second I walked through the door.

After a few classes I was hooked. I jumped into my Intro Month and eventually joined the Energy Exchange team. The more time I spent at Modo the more connected I felt to my practice and myself.

I completed my Modo Level 1 training in Puerto Lopez, Ecuador in March 2019 and can’t wait to see what is in store next. I hold so much gratitude for the community and space that has helped carve a path for me to be a forever student in this practice of peace, compassion, and breath, and allowing me the opportunity to share this amazing experience with others.