Teacher / Student

An educator at heart, Katie is a high school teacher at an alternative program for credit-deficient students who are working hard to graduate on time in the south King County area. She is passionate about creating a more equitable educational landscape for ALL students no matter their zip code, color, sexual orientation, gender or learning abilities.

Despite dabbling in yoga throughout the years, Katie didn’t incorporate mindfulness into her life until she found Modo Yoga Seattle in July of 2015. Katie has always been a driven, goal-oriented person, but sometimes that meant going into overdrive and not knowing how to downshift. Yoga has taught her how to be present in the moment and control her active, anxious mind with breath, movement and meditation so that she can be fully present for herself and all the amazing people in her life.

Katie first joined the community as an Energy Exchanger. Then she became the Energy Exchange Manager and finally a MYS teacher. In July of 2016, she attended the Modo Yoga Teacher Training in Kelowna, BC. Her journey continued with Modo Flow training in Montreal during August of 2018 and a weekend workshop with Nicki Doane in November of 2018. She is so excited to continue to learn how to help students find alignment in their bodies, minds and hearts.

If there is one thing you take away from her yoga class, she hopes it would be a closer connection to yourself, a sense of home in your own skin. 
In the words of Nayyirah Waheed:
“there is you and you.
this is a relationship.
this is the most important relationship.”