Teacher / Student

My purpose in life is to inspire people to be their best self through wholesome living by nurturing the body, mind, and soul with organic, sustainable food, and a healthy lifestyle. I am a Registered Dietitian and have always been fascinated with how food can be medicine. As I’ve gone through this journey of life, I’ve put together a few components of wholesome living that kind of all work together. Now as I embark on this new yoga journey as both a student and teacher, I feel an even deeper connection to my purpose.

I started practicing yoga before I really even knew what yoga was. I was a teenager and did movements in my basement following my mom’s 1970’s Jane Fonda workout book. Then I started researching yoga at the library to learn more. (Yes, the library, this was before Google and back then, yoga just really wasn’t very accessible). My desire to learn more about these incredible movements never ceased. I was an athlete throughout my life and after becoming a Registered Dietitian and personal trainer, I just fell in love with wellness. When I moved to Seattle in 2005, I was able to practice throughout the city and really reconnect with those early yoga seeds I had planted. When I met my husband, he joked, “only girls do yoga” and never wanted to try it. Then, Modo Yoga, came to Greenlake Village and we never looked back…practicing next to each other as we explored this new yoga experience. Yoga has become a constant in our whole family’s life. It has allowed all of us to fall in love with Modo Yoga together.

Over the years, my body has changed, my mind has grown, and my love for these movements is something that is part of my daily life. As we allow ourselves to root down into Mother Earth, we don’t only connect with our surroundings, but with our own souls. We all have constant clutter in our mind that can distract us as we recycle our own internal banter, but yoga allows all of us to find some peace both on and off the mat. I am SO excited to hold that space for you as we explore these movements together.