Teacher / Student

Hi, I’m Sarah!

I took my first yoga class in a tiny basement studio in Missoula Montana while I was in college in 2008, and have made a point to land on my mat regularly ever since.  This practice has helped me learn to accept myself, how to show up for myself, and how to love myself. 

 My journey has brought me here, to the Modo studio in Seattle, which has been a source of community and peace in my life since the first class I took in 2015.  

I recently completed my teacher training in June of 2020, as the world around us changed so dramatically.  I have come to lean into my practice more than ever during these times, and I find so much comfort and power in breath, movement, and community. 

 I believe in the infinite wisdom that lives within us all, that we can access when we breathe consciously, move intentionally, and soften to our own inner struggles. I hope to create space for you to turn inward and do what feels good. I am so happy to be learning alongside you all.