Amber Munro

Modo/ Modo Level 2/ Yin Instructor

I can honestly say yoga has changed my life in ways I never could have imagined when I first started practicing.
My journey at MYSP started when the doors first opened as a student, to then working front desk, then in 2011 I took my level 1 MODO training. A year later a took my level 2 and yin training. To say I was (am) hooked is an understatement. This practice has given me, and continues to give me so much. A deeper sense of self worth, a healthy relationship to my body and it’s ever changing shapes ( hellllloo 2 kids), a stronger connection to my breath, and awareness of my thoughts and emotions along with the courage to feel them.
I have always been an artist and maker and I feel practicing yoga is art as well. Every practice is completely unique. Your breath, your body and the way they move together through the postures is different each and every time you meet yourself on the mat. To put down your busy life and take time to be with yourself and feel strong, open and calm is truly a gift.
Whether you have been practicing for years or just beginning MYSP is a place for you to grow, learn, open up, strengthen and find community. I cannot wait to share this practice with you. See you in the cave.