Amy Bentley-Richard

Modo/Modo Flow instructor

I started my practice over ten years ago when a close friend introduced me to yoga. My
inspiration for my practice at first was motivated by balancing out my overall fitness routine, but
soon transformed to a conscience connection between the mind and body. After completing my
first 30 day challenge at MODO, I learned dedication and determination, how mindfulness
affects change; and what it means to be empowered. After the birth of my son, I decided I
wanted to take my practice deeper by completing my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, followed
by 25 hour Yin Training. By taking this leap, not only was I able to increase my knowledge and
grow my practice, I was also able to teach myself to maintain balance between work and life.
Coming onto my mat allows me to expand my body and my mind, creating the growth I was
searching for. I am forever grateful for the community that has been created at MODO. This
safe space has allowed me to find peace within myself that I never knew existed. Yoga is a
constant evolution and I look forward to being a life long student.
My passion lies with Flow, where I enjoy challenging students while encouraging them to
explore their practice in new and exciting ways. I hope my students leave the class feeling
fulfilled and energized. I cannot wait to sweat it out with you in the cave!