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Adriana Schudlo

Modo/Modo Flow Instructor

Previously a Bikram practitioner, I immediately found my place with MODO Yoga Sherwood Park when the studio opened in 2011. I found warmth not only in the hot room, but through the instructors and the MODO community. There SO many benefits from this amazing practice for the body and mind (did you know that breathe is the number one way we detoxify our bodies!? Not to mention all the sweat!). The sequence is so accessible for every single person who steps in the studio door, and I found that every experience I had in the hot room was so different. I still feel like I discover something new every class!

The strong sense of friendship and community I have received from MYSP is also a huge part of what kept me coming back. After being involved with the energy exchange program, I eventually began working desk shifts, and finally took the leap and completed my training in beautiful Kelowna, B.C. in July 2014. It was hands down the most incredible experience and the best decision I have ever made.

Through the practice of MODO yoga I have found confidence, balance, community, support, inspiration, strong leg muscles (and arms! Actually strong everything!)… the list goes on! I am totally enthused by this opportunity to inspire and guide students through this incredible practice that I myself am continuously amazed by. MODO yoga really does create a sense of peace that we can take off our mats and into our lives! I cannot wait to see you in the hot room!