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Chelsea Smith

Modo/Modo Flow/Yin/Youth Instructor

Shortly after the birth of my first love, Charlie, I found yoga. I was a member at a local gym who offered day care and hot yoga. For the first 2 years of my practice I used it as a fill in between work outs. Leading up to my second pregnancy, I slowly began to feel the shift in my practice, the shift that happens when you realize this is so much more than a “fill in”. After Marley was born I got right back in the hot room. The gym was a great place for practice as there were a variety of teachers all stemming from different lineages of practice. It wasn’t until 2 beautiful ladies (instructors), who I found myself craving their classes introduced me to MODO. From the moment my bicycle, Betsy, and I rode through those doors, I was home. The staff, the space, the sangha, all of it and its warmth filled my heart. I was no longer a member at some gym but a loyal member of the MODO community.

As life has its challenges mine came shortly after. I was at a place in my personal life where the day to day was an accomplishment just to get through without a break down. During this time MODO Sherwood Park was my safe place. My haven. I would pedal in and leave my day, its worries and thoughts behind me. The teachers became friends and without knowing they allowed me to release, to feel at peace. They did that with no strings attached, nothing was asked for in return. I could pedal back home, sleep and wake up ready to take on the next day and all it entailed. I began to open and with that opening I was able to take my practice off the mat and let it shine.

There is a shift that happens in those 60 minutes. The connection to our breath, our bodies and movement. When we truly become open to that shift our lives are transformed. We are re-awakened. Becoming a teacher not only helped me grow my own personal practice but has allowed me to share this love and gift with others. MODO Sherwood Park I am so excited to love all over you!