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Christine Wagner

Barre Instructor

My MYSP journey began in 2016. 

I had been practicing yoga at various studios across Edmonton for several years and didn’t have a yoga home. That all changed when I entered MYSP! I fell in love with the variety of classes, and the instructors. I knew I had found something special in this community at Modo – the movement felt magical and at times like dancing, and it was a challenge physically and mentally. Whether I was looking for a place to quiet my mind and let go, to connect with my breath, or to feel strong, I knew that I would always get what I needed the cave. Yoga has become such an integral part of my life, and I truly believe it helps us connect to and appreciate all of the parts of our Selves. 

When I started trying the barre classes, I found the full-body, group style class so fun and engaging. I had previously taught climbing, and found that I really appreciated the similar focus on alignment and technique in barre. I find that yoga and barre compliment each other so well – a strong awareness of the power of our breath is so supportive when you are pushing yourself physically to the max! I have a lot of fun creating playlists and classes, and of course getting to know all the lovely members at MYSP. 

When I’m not at the studio teaching barre, or practicing yoga, or working my day job as an OT, I like to keep active and be outdoors. In the summer I love to go climbing, hiking, camping, paddling, cycling – I’m down; and in the winter I switch to skiing and swimming.