Elijah Ocean

Modo Instructor

Waiting for the storm to pass before you embark on a new journey is a limiting philosophy… I decided I wanted a change in my life and I knew that no one would do it for me. So… I started showing up to MODO Yoga and things… just started to make sense… As my body healed and strengthened, my mind softened and broadened.
When I began, I explored every class type and Instructor without reading into it before showing up. I didn’t want to know what was coming… Building the discipline to face things head on, absent expectation, was a practice I needed in my life. For me, that developed a brave, adaptable ownership of life in general.
What we build, and go through on the mat, pours into every facet of our life outside of the practice, especially those moments of discomfort.
Our intuitive bodies are incredibly adaptive, so I like to mix things up. Push the limit mentally and find the edge physically.
It always, without fail, ignites a fire within and sparks the discovery of untapped potential.

The tasteful variety of Instructors and classes Jenny Sproule has brought together offers a safe, fun place for people from all walks of life. The community offered at MODO Yoga is better than I could have hoped for. After 7 years of practice I decided to take the next step and acquire my Instructor Certificate at SATTVA School of Yoga. The rest is history; mostly unwritten. Come write it with me and the strong, diverse, empowering family at MODO Yoga.