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Jenny Sproule

Studio Owner/Modo/Modo Flow Instructor

I have been practicing yoga for 21 years with great joy. For the first 3 years my practice was recreational; for the exercise, fun, and stress relief. My passion for yoga grew deeper and stronger after I witnessed the horror of the Asian tsunami on Dec 26, 2004 from my balcony on Phi Phi Island, Thailand. Yoga helped me through the post traumatic stress and sadness that followed. I witnessed the powerful and positive healing effects that yoga can bring. I was inspired. I knew I just had to share yoga and help others to live as fully, joyfully, and healthfully as they could. I had to teach!

I took a Hatha Teacher Training Course in 2005 and started teaching multi-level classes in homes and around the city for about 6 years. Craving challenge my yoga path led me to Hot Yoga which was an instant addiction. Then I found MODO and after my very first class I was in love! I thought, “This is it!!” I began my MODO teaching journey in Toronto in the summer of 2008 completing my level 1 MODO teacher training. The MODO series is strong and beautiful, complex, and whole. I am excited to bring MODO to Sherwood Park. It’s the community I grew up in and reside in. Through MODO, I want to help students feel strong, vital, centered, and happy. Most importantly, I hope for them to carry from our studio that peace and energy they find from practice into their everyday lives and let it shine!