Emily Buck


Emily has been a student of yoga since 2009, when she began practicing to heal a low back injury during her final year of university. She completed her Modo Level 1 training in 2010, Modo Flow in 2014, and Yin training with Joe Barnett in 2014 and 2015. During this time, Emily has had the pleasure and privilege of teaching across North America; leading classes and facilitating workshops at her home studio – Modo Yoga Waterloo, as well as at studios in Toronto, Victoria, Burnaby, Portland and Seattle. From 2013-2016 she taught full time at Modo Yoga in Los Angeles and fell in love with California. She offers her thanks to a variety of dedicated and passionate teachers whom have impacted her  in countless, ineffable ways, and to Camp Grounded, a digital detox, summer camp for adults, where she spent six sessions learning how to be a kid again. Emily’s approach to teaching is also heavily influenced by her personal experiences with various other movement awareness practices such as  long distance hiking, snowboarding, rock climbing, contact improvisation and meditation.

Emily sees practicing yoga as a way to hone one’s ability to respond, rather then react, to the pleasurable and painful circumstances of our lives. She believes that by cultivating an awareness of our body’s physical sensations we tune into the present moment- a place where we can access greater levels of physical, emotional and mental potential.  Her classes incorporate play and athleticism, poetry and science. She welcomes curiosity and radical self acceptance and also really likes old typewriters and VW vans.