Urszula Lipsztajn


“All happiness is in the mind” ― Yogi Bhajan.

Meet our Kundalini teacher, Urszula. During a near burn-out experience, Urszula stepped into her first yoga class. At first, she was drawn to the physical and stress-reducing benefits. Through practice, she discovered that yoga was less about the poses and more about becoming the highest version of yourself. After completing her 200-hr with Natalie Rousseau-Horsecroft, Urszula has studied and taught vinyasa, yin, meditation, hatha, and trauma-informed yoga. In 2012 she discovered the transformative powers of Kundalini yoga, currently her primary practice and love. Urszula completed her Kundalini training with Gloria Latham and continues to study with all of her teachers. While honouring the Kundalini yoga tradition, Urszula teaches a modern-style, sweaty class that invites you to challenge your limitations and explore what’s possible for yourself. Outside the Modo studio, Urszula is a life guide for impact entrepreneurs and leaders who want to thrive. She lives in Squamish with her husband Kam and their collection of cats. 

To learn more about Urszula, please visit www.urszula.co