Willow Szymanski

Teacher | Manager | Energy Exchange Coordinator

Growing up as a competitive dancer, Willow was taught from a young age how to move and breathe; but through competition and comparison with others. It was in 2012 that she first stepped onto her mat at her hometown studio of Modo Yoga Waterloo, and it was within these four corners that she began breaking out of the box of perfection that had been ingrained in her all her life.
After becoming an Energy Exchanger in Waterloo, then practicing on-and-off as different dreams led her to travel, to live on the east coast of Canada, and to Montreal for Modo Yoga teacher training, Willow heard of Squamish for the first time and found herself at home on the west coast mere months later.
Willow’s intention, in all that she is and all that she does, is the truth; she strives to live as authentically as she can, and uses the practice of yoga to encourage others to do the same. She hopes to teach self-compassion as she continues to learn it herself, while sharing her biggest practice of all – gratitude.
Willow is infinitely thankful for every opportunity, every connection, and every breath this practice has given her.