Prenatal Yoga | Online

Next session commences April 12, 2020.

Sunday Afternoons | 2pm to 3:15pm

Guided by Kama Kalia.

This 12 week practice is about mind-body connection, strengthening, relaxation, meditation, and community.

Each session will include breath awareness, mindfulness techniques, and physical postures (asanas) in addition to incorporating themes to support the prenatal experience and prepare for birthing. Like an elaborate and layered tapestry, each practice is woven into the next class, building on the previously learned techniques and knowledge. All trimesters are welcome. We believe in creating an inclusive, accessible, non-judgmental, and safe space for self-expression and practice. No previous experience with yoga or meditation is required.


Kama is an avid yoga student who has been practicing since 2007 after first discovering Moksha Yoga London (MYL) while working as a psychiatric/mental health nurse in London, Ontario and completing her graduate studies at Western University. Given the demanding nature of the healthcare industry, Kama often retreats to the practice room in order to recharge and to find peace and solace after a long and difficult day. In 2012, after her initial experience at MYL and relocating to Toronto, she completed Moksha Yoga Square One’s “30-Day Challenge”. This inspired Kama to deepen her practice and pursue the intensive Moksha Yoga teacher training course in Los Angeles in 2013.
Since qualifying as a yoga teacher, Kama has been teaching at her home studio, as well as initiating and leading wellness initiatives at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, her current workplace. To date, she has received over 700 hours of teacher training inclusive of Moksha Flow (Edmonton, 2016) and Prenatal Yoga (Toronto, 2017). Kama is also a reiki channel with Level 2 certification. In addition to her dedication to work and yoga, Kama recently became a mother to a beautiful baby boy named Sai. She always strives to bring her love of life and her passion to help others into all that she does.

Course Description

Week 1 : Trust your Instincts
Tap into your intuition and honour the new changes within your physical body with this initial practice.
Week 2 : Baby and Breath Connection
Focus on conscious attention to breath and movement, as well as building a connection to baby.
Week 3 : Pelvic Floor Strengthening and Mobility
Increase awareness of your pelvis, pelvic floor muscles, and explore postures for pelvic health that are beneficial pre-birth and post-birth.
Week 4 : Core Strengthening
Increase your awareness of your core and try exercises to strengthen this often-neglected area of your body during pregnancy.
Week 5 : Grounding Down
Focus on how to be in the body during stressful times or discomforts using mindfulness techniques.
Week 6 : Finding Balance
Explore self-care practices and postures that will challenge your balance and our relationship with gravity.
Week 7 : Pranayama
Discover and practice pranayama (breathing techniques) that will ground, soften and expand the capacity for your lungs.
Week 8 : Mind-based Practice
Benefit from relaxation and peace by learning different techniques for meditation.
Week 9 : Using your Voice
From the rhythmic efforts of breath to the vibrations of your own voice, increase your comfort with sound and tones that correspond with your chakras.
Week 10 : Interconnectedness
Take the practice off-the-mat and connect with that which surrounds us (Mother Earth).
Week 11 & 12 : Preparing for Birth
Explore movements and techniques for you and baby during labour. Learn methods to help you stay calm and relaxed as your baby descends down the birth canal.

Pricing Options:

12 Sessions | $204+hst ($17/class) 10% Discount until April 12, 2020 [Use Promo Code: MAMABEAR20]

12 Sessions Couple’s/Birthing Partner | $300+hst ($25/class per couple)

6 Sessions | $108+hst ($18/class) 10% Discount until April 12, 2020 [Use Promo Code: MAMABEAR20]

6 Sessions Couple’s/Birthing Partner | $160+hst ($27/class per couple)

Drop-In | $30+hst

Please note for any missed classes, you are able to drop into any upcoming prenatal class by preregistering for it.