Edward Apostol


Edward’s journey along the path of yoga began at the end of 2007 where he happened to stop into a brand new yoga studio called Modo Yoga in Toronto’s Bloor West Village. He decided to take a class to see if yoga could serve as an outlet for the stresses he was encountering in his life – the demands of a hectic career in I.T. , a faltering marriage, and supporting his father as he fought cancer. That first class changed his life. One day after another, for almost three straight months, Edward attended Modo Yoga classes – sometimes 2 or 3 in one day – and discovered that the power of mat and posture was more than just physical. Edward found deep spiritual renewal and garnered a sense of mental clarity that enabled him to come to terms with his world around him. When faced with a life-threatening subdural hematoma injury in the summer of 2008, Edward sought solace and recovery through yoga and discovered its ability to assist in the healing process. Inspired by his practice and the impact of yoga on his life, Edward attended the Modo Yoga Teacher Training program in India in February 2010 under the tutelage of Ted Grand, Jess and Deena Robertson and others, in order to “give back to the studio and those who attend its classes the wonderful knowledge, wisdom and insightfulness that I had learned from my own practice”. Edward has taken his practice further through attending workshops in 2011 and thanks Jason Crandall and Rodney Yee for providing additional insights to further his practice. Edward feels blessed to have the opportunity to teach at the studio that launched his practice as well as other Modo studios, and not only continues to teach, but continues to learn through the eyes of a humble student simply attending a Modo Yoga class.