Virtual Studio

Physical distancing is crucial right now, but we don’t need to feel alone during this time! So we’ve created a Virtual Studio to provide a more studio-like experience. Instagram has been incredible — it was a quick and easy way for us to pivot and adapt. A big part of why many of us started practicing was not to follow a recording or look at our phones, we miss the connection that a studio brings. Zoom offers us a chance to see your faces, and a it allows us to support and pay our teachers.




  1. Use any existing class passes or memberships. If you opted to place your membership on hold back in March, simply email to re-activate your membership
  2. Virtual Drop-in Class | $10 BUY NOW
  3. Virtual 10 Class Card | $80 BUY NOW

You can register for our virtual classes the same way you did before, from your iOS/Android Modo Yoga app or through our website. We can’t wait to see you in our Virtual Studio! We wish you all the strength, courage and yoga you need to stay safe and healthy through these unpredictable times.



  1. Download Zoom on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  2. Sign up for class just like you normally do, via our website or app. You will receive a confirmation email from Brandbot (Add this email address to your safe senders’ list or the emails may land in your spam!)
  3. You will receive a text and an email with 3 reminders:
    • 1 hour before class, 15 minutes, and 5 minutes before  class.
    • They will send a link to join – It is as simple as clicking the link and getting comfortable.
    • If you see a Zoom dialogue box that says “waiting for the host to start the meeting” this is normal – the video will start once the teacher logs into the class.
  4. The teacher will mute all participants once class starts – you won’t be heard while you practice, but you have the option to be seen. If you prefer, you can turn off your camera!
  5. Enjoy the feeling that you are practicing with other people from your community, and remember to take your savasana!
  6. Class’ are LIVE, meaning this allows you the opportunity to connect with community before and after class! That being said, we totally get that life can be busy and the current scheduled class times may not work for you. To make the classes more accessible, you have the option to tune into a recording of class for 20 hours following the live class!
    • In order to receive the recording you still need to register for class at least 15 minutes prior to class start time through our website or link.
    • Following the live class you will be emailed a link that will give you access to watch the recorded classes within 24 hours following class.
  7. Send us an email for assistance with Modo Online



  • Make sure your Modo account has your correct email address! Contact us at if you are having trouble updating it.
  • Sign up for the class in advance
  • Sign-ups for a class will end 15 minutes before class starts.
  • Though we love to share, each link is customized for single-use and will only work with one user.
  • If you didn’t get a link (and you searched your inbox for “brandbot”, and checked your Spam messages) please email us for assistance.