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Women’s Only Modo

This Modo (Women Only) class is an addition to our schedule as an offering for those who may feel most comfortable in an all women’s environment.

While most of our classes are co-ed, we realize that women who have experienced gender based violence or other trauma may feel safer being led by a female instructor and surrounded by other women. Whether or not you have had any of these experiences, this class welcomes you.
You don’t have to disclose your reason for wanting to join, just sign up or show up and enjoy a Modo practice where you can feel safe to explore your healing journey while knowing your boundaries are respected.

Sarah M is honoured to be offering this class to all women (includes all cis and trans individuals who identify as a woman) and is looking forward to co-creating a safe space.

See you on the mat!


Ability: Suitable for all levels. WOMEN ONLY!