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Precautions & Public Health Measures

Precautions & Public Health Measures

At The Treatment Room we are taking all Ministry of Health (MOH) CMTO (and our regulatory body) recommended and required precautions to keep us all safe while re-opening during the COVID-19 pandemic. While things may appear and feel different, please know that we remain the same, dedicated to our profession and comfortable care for our clients.

Hand Hygiene:  Upon entry into the studio you will find access to MOH approved hand sanitizer. There will also be hand sanitizer in The Treatment Room accessible for clients.  You will be asked to clean your hands upon entry into the studio.   RMT’s already stringently wash their hands and we will continue to practice those protocols, while adhering to all the additional guidelines.  

Changes to the Space: We have eliminated all unnecessary or difficult to sanitize surfaces in The Treatment Room, and replaced all upholstered or fabrics in the room in favour of easy to disinfect surfaces.

Cleaning and Disinfecting:  Cleaning will be subject to the ‘swipe twice’ method.  The first swipe is to clean and the second to disinfect.  More time has been allotted between appointments to allow your RMT to thoroughly go though our protocol to clean and disinfect.  All contact surfaces will be cleaned and disinfected after every treatment, including, but not limited to the entire treatment room, washroom, door handles, light switches, the POS machine, and any surfaces coming in contact with either the client or therapist.  

All linens will be washed and dried on the highest heat setting.

Appointments (Booking):   Before an appointment is accepted there will be a pre-screen questionnaire for COVID-19.  Should a positive result come back at that time, then the appointment will be refused and you will be encouraged to contact your health care provider for next steps.   At your appointment, in order to provide treatment, a verbal screening will be conducted again to confirm a negative infection status.  Please know it is up to the professional discretion of your RMT, considering the level of risk, whether the massage will be provided based on results.  

Check-in:  Clients are asked to arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior to their appointment to minimize contact surfaces used and to allow the RMT sufficient time to thoroughly disinfect the space.  Your RMT will greet you at the door and allow you into the studio (please note that the yoga studio currently remains closed).  

PPE:  It is required for your RMT to wear a mask at all times during her shift. Depending on the situation (based upon the screening results), and level of risk overall, your RMT may choose to also wear a face shield or an apron, each of which will be changed or disinfected between each appointment. It is also required for the client to wear a face covering for the entirety of their appointment. If you have health reasons for not being able to wear a covering then it is up to your RMT’s professional discretion to continue. Gloves are not required, they do not replace proper hand hygiene, which is best practice.

**Please be aware: Due to the nature of massage therapy, it is physically impossible to maintain the required safe-distance during treatment, hence the requirement of masks for both parties.  Please know that in choosing to receive treatment it puts yourself at higher risk of contracting COVID-19.  Please consider before booking if the benefits of your treatment outweigh the potential risk of contraction. We promise to remain diligent in our part to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, and we ask that you too please follow along in the above noted guidelines, in hopes for a safe and smooth transition.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns.