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Felicia Ross

Studio Owner

Felicia comes from an athletic background with a keen interest in the physical functioning of the body. She is trained in Modo and Restorative yoga. Her passion is her family, the outdoors and of course yoga. Once nick-named the “gentle commander”, Felicia is an encouraging and compassionate teacher. She believes that the practice of yoga is within everyone. For some it is more easily accessible and others must dig deeper to find it.

Felicia was relatively new to yoga when she discovered the Uptown studio. It was within the “warm” Modo community that she realized the true healing power of yoga. Her focus was redirected from the physical realm to the amazing effects of the mind/body connection and beyond. She is most grateful for the unexpected growth and limitless strength she has experienced as a student and as a teacher. Each student comes to class for different reasons.

Felicia endeavours to be sensitive to individual needs and to gently guide students to a place that feels right for them. Along that path she believes the most effective guide is the smile.