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Lana Lontos


Lana Lontos wants to reimagine the way we approach wellness and asks us to be curious about how we can embody it in thoughtful and meaningful ways. With a background in Gestalt Psychotherapy, Lana incorporates yoga, meditation, and breath work into her practice. Focusing on being present and centered in all of life’s moments, her approach asks each client and student to allow spirit to flow fully and freely through them.
Having developed and led yoga and meditation workshops around the world in locations such as Greece, Nicaragua, and Mexico, Lana brings pieces of each retreat, region, and client back with her, integrating the lessons learned into bettering her practice and self. With a keen understanding that her own growth and connectedness is critical to her clients’ progression, she centers the question of “How can we be connected to ourselves in each moment?” in her work, ensuring that all facets of her practice are grounded in mindfulness.
Interested in examining life through the lens of how it flows through us versus humans “doing life”, Lana’s work has reached myriad sectors from youth outreach and addiction counselling to mindfulness practice curriculum development for the Toronto District School Board. Her incorporation of both the physical body and environment into the mental, emotional, and spiritual self elevates her clients’ awakenings, ultimately creating better humans for a better world. For more information of Lana’s work and approach: www.bigtreemind.com | www.lanalontos.com.