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Lisa White


Lisa has been practicing yoga for more than 10 years. The practice of yoga has changed her life, in many ways. It has led her to see and recognize the place deep within ( us all ) , that is connected and complete; the place that is, forgiveness, peace, loveā€¦
In her teaching she works with the movement of energy, chakras, and touch. Her classes encourage fluidity, intuition and freedom in body and mind. She believes in the transformative power of yoga, to facilitate shifts; physical , emotional and spiritual.
For Lisa yoga has been a healing journey, from alcoholism and addiction , to the acceptance of divine energy and grace.

Lisa leads numerous retreats and workshops throughout the year, in Canada and abroad. She is grateful to have studied, Moksha/ Modo, with Ted Grand and Jessica Robertson; Vinyasa, with Seane Corn; Therapeutic and restorative yoga, with Susie Hately; Breath and Bandas, with Richard Freeman; Qui Gong, with Vince Bruni.