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Sarah Michaels


Sarah is a creative soul who turned to yoga in 2005 to find inner peace amid the constant pressures and judgements of a career in the performing arts. She believes that true beauty shines from the inside out and that each individual deserves to be nurtured to recognize his or her own value and unique gifts.

In a society which frequently emphasizes competition and a rat race mentality, Sarah believes it is important to take a few moments each day to consciously slow down. Finding a sense of gratitude in daily life can help increase feelings of joy and self – worth.

Sarah believes that we have a choice on how to respond to each moment or event in our lives and that extreme challenges in our path represent an opportunity for growth. She knows from personal experience that yoga and meditation can help start the healing journey as it relates to psychological trauma, anxiety, depression, and other manifestations of stress in the mind and body. She is extremely grateful to the Modo community and her goal as a teacher is to create a compassionate environment in which students feel safe to explore their own healing at their own pace.