Vinyasa Krama

Temperature: Non-heated, regular temp held in the Dharma Room

For who? Anyway ready to dive deeper and move slowly. Numerous variations are offered for each posture to gracefully explore the possibilities for each individual student.

About this class: Think of this as very slow Vinyasa. The body and breath are brought together in a slow, beautifully orchestrated motion. Vinyasa Krama, or any Vinyasa style of practice, may at first (and at times) be physically challenging. From one perspective, the Vinyasa practice is one of purposefully placing the body into challenging, stressful physical positions and learning how to consciously respond instead of habitually react, training our minds how to override their own overactive stress response. Each class is 90-minutes and includes chanting, yoga sutra philosophy, asana (postures), pranayama (breathwork), and meditation.