Our goal is to create a peaceful, accessible and supportive space for as many students as possible in every single class we offer, without space going to waste unnecessarily. To do that, kindly follow our studio guidelines:


Fill out our online waiver in advance of your arrival:



You can’t sweat out a cold! Please do not attend class if you are experiencing any COVID and/or cold and/or flu-like symptoms. Stay home until you feel better with no symptoms.



The minimum age to attend classes is 16 years old with parental consent sent via email in advance of arrival for the first class. Ask about our youth yoga series for those younger than 16.



The studio opens 30 minutes before the scheduled class start times. Please make every effort to arrive at least 5-10 minutes early. The door will lock at a maximum of 3 minutes before class start time, at which time any student not present will lose their spot to a stand-by student or be considered a no-show. To avoid losing your spot, arrive on time and ready to go. For the benefit and respect of teachers and students, we do not allow any entry into class once the teacher has entered the practice room and class has begun.



Upon arrival to the studio, remove your shoes and place them neatly in the shoe cubby. Check in at the front desk for every class with your full name so the teacher or desk crew can mark you as attending class – this is important for safety reasons. If there is a line-up at the front desk, kindly wait your turn and do not walk past the front desk until the teacher or desk staff acknowledges you as checked in for the class.



Please leave all your personal belongings, including cell phones, pagers, bags, wallets, purses, and coats in the change rooms. Bring only your yoga mat, yoga towel and filled water bottle for practice. Studio props are available for use in the practice room, or you are welcome to bring your own. Please keep the practice room free of distractions to support a clean and tidy space.

We do not permit the following in the practice rooms: no cell phones, no pagers, no wallets, no bags, no coats. Sorry, we do make individual exceptions.

Before you enter the studio, please put your phone on do not disturb or silent mode and store it in the change room. Please do not take phone calls in the lobby or while in the change rooms.



Many come to yoga to escape the hustle and bustle of life, so please, leave all conversations outside of the practice rooms. This means no talking and no whispering in the practice rooms. The benches located in the hallway or the couch in the lobby are perfect for chit-chat. Thank you for your efforts to provide a peaceful experience for all.



Please do not arrive to class wearing scented products and please do not use scented products in the change rooms. We have several staff and members who have severe scent allergies. You will not be able to attend class if you arrive wearing scent.



Online booking opens 7 days in advance of the class date. Download our free Modo Yoga app from your App Store, Modo Yoga (CAN & MIA) with a black flame logo.


The app is the recommended way to book classes and manage your reservations and you can book online up to 30 minutes before class start time.

Unsure of your schedule or it tends to change often? Just drop in 10-15 minutes before the class time you plan to attend. We leave 5 drop in spaces for all classes.

Our class schedule shows the duration for each class to help you plan which classes to book that work best for your schedule. To cultivate a peaceful, safe and enjoyable experience for all, we ask that you commit to attending the full duration of the class as it’s scheduled.



You can cancel your booking on the app up until 2 hours before class start time to avoid losing the class or being charged a no-show or late cancellation fee. Please note that we do not accept phone or email cancellations.

Any unlimited member that cancels less than 2 hours beforehand or is a no-show will be charged a $10 late-cancellation or no-show fee. For class card holders and/or single class drop-in, you will forfeit that class if you late cancel or if you no-show. We offer the first-time free (for either a late cancel or no-show),  and thereafter you will be charged the fee per late cancel/no-show.

If an emergency or something reasonable beyond your control happens to prevent you from attending class, please email us to let us know.

Review our fee-based courtesy policy & weather cancellation info here:



Even when a class appears full, you may add yourself to the waitlist if you feel confident you will attend that class up to 2 hours before class start time. When a cancellation is made, the first name on the waitlist gets automatically added to the class.

If you are signed up for notifications (ask us how to opt-in if you are not already getting email or text notifications), you will receive an email or text as soon as you are moved off the waitlist. This will happen up until 2h before class start time.

Once you are added to the class from the waitlist you become responsible for attending or cancelling. If you are on a waitlist and you don’t plan on attending that class, ensure to cancel your booking or remove yourself from the waitlist, as per our courtesy policy.



For most evenings and some weekend classes, we have a 30-minute changeover between classes. Teachers will offer up to 5 minutes for the final Savasana and will cue the end of class. During the changeover, please wait to enter the practice room until after our Energy Exchangers finish cleaning.


Thank you for your continued support and for adhering to these guidelines. We appreciate your patience, respect and understanding.