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The peaceful and supportive vibe in this studio is co-created by all who practice here. To help create an enjoyable experience for all to benefit from this community space, our studio guidelines and courtesy policy are in place to encourage practitioners to value the space and to cultivate mindful habits, especially during busier months, without space going to waste unnecessarily.


  • NEW TO THE STUDIO? Create an account here.
  • DOWNLOAD OUR NEWEST MODO YOGA APP (effective June 28, 2023) 
    • We recommend that you pre-register for classes online using the free Modo Yoga App.
    • Bookings open 7 days prior to the scheduled class date.
    • If the class is full, you can add yourself to the waitlist – scroll down for the waitlist process.
    • Upon arrival to the studio, remove your shoes and place them in the lobby shoe cubby.
    • Check in at the front desk with your full name so we can mark you as attending class. If there is a line-up, kindly wait your turn.
  • FEELING UNWELL? You can’t sweat out a cold! Please do not attend class if you are experiencing any cold and/or flu-like symptoms. Stay home until you feel better with no symptoms.
  • MINIMUM AGE: The minimum age to attend classes is 16 years old with parental consent sent via email in advance of arrival for the first class, or attend class with the minor. Ask about our youth yoga series for those younger than 16.



  • SERVICES: All sales on all services are final.
    • All membership fees are non-refundable, non-shareable and non-transferable.
    • Drop-ins and class cards are non-refundable.
    • Class cards are not shareable. Class cards are only transferable to another individual if you are moving out of the province and not able to use your remaining passes before the expiration date. To request a transfer in this case, submit your written request by email at info@modoyogastjohns.com.
    • Refer below to our Cancellation & No Show Policy and workshop/specialty series credit policy.
  • RETAIL PRODUCTS: Items purchased at regular price are eligible for a return or exchange within 30 days if unworn, tags still attached, and proof of purchase. Items purchased on sale or promotion are final and not eligible for a refund or exchange.



  • 2-HOUR CANCELLATION WINDOW: You may cancel your pre-registered space in class online or on the Modo Yoga app up to 2 hours before the start of class without penalty.
  • LATE CANCELLATION FEE: Any unlimited member who cancels their pre-registered space less than 2 hours before the start of class will automatically be charged a $10 late cancellation fee to their payment card on file immediately at the time of the late cancellation.
  • NO-SHOW FEE: Any unlimited member who does not show up for their pre-registered space in the class will automatically be charged a $10 no-show fee to their payment card on file.
  • CLASS CARD/SINGLE CLASS: Any pre-registered class card or single class drop-in will automatically be forfeited if you cancel within 2 hours before the start of class or do not show up to attend. You will not be charged any additional fees.
  • WORKSHOP OR SERIES: We require 24 hours notice of cancellation for workshops and class series. With 24 hours notice or more, you will receive credit on your account for the value of that workshop/class. With less than 24 hours notice or a no-show, no credit is given and you forfeit the fee for the workshop/class. No refunds, no exceptions. Cancellations due to weather: If a class within a series (eg. Minis Yoga, Kids Yoga, Handstand Crew, etc.) is cancelled due to weather, the is no issue or a credit, refund or make-up class. Payment has already been allocated to resources and expenses incurred for that workshop or series.
  • EMERGENCIES: If an emergency or something reasonable beyond your control happens that prevents you from attending your pre-registered space in class, do not late cancel your class – instead please email info@modoyogastjohns.com or phone to let us know. We are very understanding in these situations, do not hesitate to reach out!
  • ARRIVE EARLY: Please arrive at least 5 minutes before class time. If you arrive less than 5 minutes before the class you are considered late and may not be permitted to attend. The studio door will lock 2-3 minutes before class starts.



  • When a class is full, you can add yourself to the class waitlist. The assumption is you will attend that class, regardless of the time you make it off the waitlist.
  • When a cancellation is made, the first name on the waitlist gets automatically added to the class. This will happen up until 2 hours before class.
  • If you are signed up for notifications [ask us how to opt-in], you will receive an email soon as you are moved off the waitlist. You are responsible for checking your waitlist spot for movement on your Modo Yoga App.
  • If your plans change, please remove yourself from the waitlist as soon as you know that you would not be able to attend class to avoid the penalty fee [cancellation less than 2 hours before class].
  • Any space that opens up within the 1-hour window before class starts are drop in spaces based on first come, first serve.
  • The studio opens 30 minutes before class starts. 5 minutes before class, any student not present will lose their spot to students present at the studio waiting to get into the class. To avoid losing your spot on the waitlist, arrive early and ready to go.



  • The studio opens 30 minutes before scheduled classes. Please make every effort to arrive at least 5-10 minutes early. The door may be locked 3 minutes before class begins. To avoid losing your spot, arrive on time and ready to go.
  • For the benefit and respect of teachers and students, we do not allow any students into class once the teacher has entered the practice room and class has begun. Thanks for respecting our time boundaries to create a supportive space and nurturing community where we can practice yoga.



Any class cancellations due to inclement weather are made up to a minimum of one hour before class starts. When a class is cancelled:

  • All pre-registered participants will receive an email class cancellation notification – ask us how to opt-in if you’re not already getting email or text notifications.
  • The class will show as cancelled on our website and on the Modo Yoga app.
  • We post all class cancellations in our stories on our Instagram and Facebook social media sites. Follow us to get all the updates.



Please do not arrive to class wearing scented products and please do not use scented products in the change rooms to respect those with severe scent allergies.

Our practice room is a silent space. Please leave all conversations, even whispering, outside the hot room. Before and after class is a special time that students use to meditate, decompress, and integrate their practice for the rest of their day. Thank you for your efforts to provide a peaceful experience for all.

Please leave your phone, pager and all other personal belongings such as bags, keys, wallets, purses, etc., in the change room. Thank you for understanding we do not make individual exceptions. Our practice room is a break from the business of daily life and due to safety reasons, requires the floor to be clutter-free.

Smartwatches should be put on silent and notifications turned off.

Please be mindful of how and where you quietly place your mat so there is enough space for everyone. Helpful tips for how to set up your mat according to class style:

All classes listed with Modo in the class name – mats are set up to face the mirrors with 4 rows:
1 – along the back cedar wall/windows
2 – between the back pillars
3 – behind the front pillars
4 – in front along the mirrors

For Yin, Yang + Yin, Freestyle Flow and Bliss Flow – the room is divided between the two middle pillars with 3 rows on either side of the room facing toward the centre of the room [a total of 6 rows]:
1 – along the side grey walls facing the centre
2 – between the pillars facing the centre
3 – just behind the centre pillars facing the centre – please leave space if the teacher has their mat set up between the two middle room pillars)

Set up close to other mats to make room for all sweaty friends and to minimize requests from teachers to move your mat. Your kindness and support are appreciated, especially during busier classes.

Our class schedule shows the duration of each class to help you plan which classes to attend that work best for your time commitment.  We ask that you commit to attending the full duration of the class as it’s scheduled. The teacher will let you know when the class is over, and when you are ready to leave please leave at the end of class, practice your ninja skills and leave as quietly as possible.

For most evenings and some weekend classes, we have a 30-minute changeover between classes. Teachers will offer up to 5 minutes for the final Savasana and will cue the end of class. During the changeover, please wait to enter the practice room until after our Energy Exchangers finish cleaning.

Thank you for your continued support and for adhering to these guidelines. We appreciate your patience, respect and understanding.