Brooke Johnson

Teacher - Virtual Classes

Brooke’s first experience with yoga was through watching a VHS tape her Mom had in the 90’s, Ali MacGraw’s Yoga Mind & Body with yoga master Erich Shiffmann. Over the next decade she would sporadically weave yoga into her fitness training and maintained a deep level of respect for the practice.

Osteoarthritis in her knee forced her to explore gentler fitness options for her body. After driving past MYSJ for months, in June of 2013 she took her first class and loved every sweaty moment. She then made a deal with herself that she would practice yoga regularly for one year to see if it would alleviate her knee pain and she hasn’t looked back since. Not only did it heal her body and restore physical balance, but her mind shifted as well. She began to break old harmful thought patterns and she was able to show kindness, patience and love to herself and others.

Brooke loves being of service to others and tapping into the infinite source of love that comes from this ancient tradition. Love is a renewable resource and she has plenty to give!

Brooke’s training includes, 500-hour Moksha Level 1 January 2016 – 2017, Yoga Nidra with Bobby Bessey, March 2017, Soul Warrior Youth Yoga, November 2017, and 100-hour Moksha Flow, May 2018. Brooke’s classes focus on connecting movement with breath, honouring where you are mentally and physically, and exploring what is possible.  She is a lover of nature, adventure, music, food, coffee, beer, hugs, laughter, learning, hiking, biking, downhill skiing, photography and she cherishes her time with family and friends.