Melissa Williams


Melissa first tried hot yoga after being persuaded by her family friend as a means to combat severe depression and anxiety. However, she hated it and swore she would never go back. Years passed, her mental health worsened and Melissa’s partner, Brad, convinced her to give yoga another try. This time, she noticed more and more of the positive changes in her mental attitudes and overall well-being due to her practice, and took the opportunity to get on her mat whenever she could.

After two years of consistent practice and service as an energy exchanger, Melissa embarked on Modo’s teacher training to expand her knowledge of all aspects of yoga – something she still enjoys doing to this day. She decided to teach in order to share, with as many people as possible, the practice that sparked such a major change in her life. Her mission in class is to create conquerable challenges in order for students to realize their inner fountain of strength, peace and goodness, knowing that once realized, these qualities will flow off the mat.

Hailing originally from Kingston, Jamaica, Melissa joined the Modo St. John’s family after living in Ontario for 8 years. She enjoys music, dancing and daydreaming. When she’s not exchanging smiles and stories with students in studio, she’s busy chasing her exuberant toddler daughter or curled under a blanket with a book or Netflix.