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Trevor Harris


Trevor started exploring yoga practice 10 years ago in a small studio in CBS. His initial intention for yoga was to supplement other sports, however, in 2018 Trevor was brought to the St. John’s studio by a friend and his practice quickly changed from being a side hobby to a central focus. A year later Trevor joined the Energy Exchange program before expanding on his practice in 2022 by completing his Teacher Training in BC.

Trevor’s love for life draws him to a number of different ways to explore – when not at the studio, he spends his time running, sailing, or climbing. He’s also been a rock climbing coach for a number of years. Trevor intertwines all these hobbies within his teaching and through his efforts in connecting these communities together. With lightness, Trevor guides his practice with growth and curiosity, reminding us to be patient with ourselves as we work to expand the limits of our comfort zones. His gentle but direct hands-on-assists help his students explore the subtle depths found in each pose.

In his professional career, Trevor is a Research Engineer for the National Research Council of Canada. His areas of research are focused on greening the shipping industry and using technology to determine the most efficient, safe, and environmentally responsible ways to exist in harmony with our oceans.