Travel Pass

The Modo Traveller’s Pass is valid for 14 consecutive days at any one Modo studio, offered to members who are on Membership and those on a One Month Unlimited pass (excludes Intro Month Pass).

The following terms apply:

  • Email us up to 7 days in advance of travel date.
  • Upon receipt of your request you will be emailed the Travel Pass, or you can opt to pick it up at the front desk at the studio.
  • Valid for up to 14 consecutive days to visiting studio location.
  • Issued up to 5 times per year, min of 30 days between use at any one studio, eg. the pass is not issued for consecutive dates at any single studio.
  • 1 x time-travel use only, eg. you live in St. John’s, but you vacation or work in Vancouver for a week.If you spend several weeks or months of a year in another city, we suggest you purchase the Modo Interstudio Pass or a membership/class card offered by that studio.
  • For classes only – other membership perks such as mat/towel rentals, or the ability to bring a friend, do not apply.