Virtual Karma Classes

Virtual Modo Karma classes are 60 minute classes that are attended by donation. 100% of all funds raised from these classes between June 5 and August 28 will go to organizations that support Black, Indigenous, and People Of Colour. The Modo Yoga sequence is an accessible yet challenging Hatha Yoga practice that is ideal for all levels of practitioners, whether you are brand new, or have been practicing yoga for a long time.

These are the Virtual Karma Class dates and the organizations we will be donating to:


August 28 was the last Karma class in our Summer series. From June 5th until today, the Modo Yoga Community raised a total of $15,190 CAD for 12 BIPOC organizations. 

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who attended, taught, and helped promote these classes. We are committed to amplifying the voices of Black, Indigenous, and People Of Colour in the Modo community and beyond, and this is just one of the ways we’ve been able to show our support.