Jocelyn Hinz


Jocelyn found herself in a transitional time in her active life where the gym no longer felt like what her body needed, so February 2014 she walked into Modo Yoga Stratford to dare herself to a 30 Day Yoga Challenge. It seemed like the perfect time to do some exploring (and jumping in head first seemed like the right way to go!). 30 days of finding her breath and learning to move her body in different ways held a little piece of her heart so she traded her running shoes for bare feet and never left.

From there she became an energy exchanger and just a few short months later traveled to Montreal For her Modo Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training in September 2014.

Jocelyn is born and raised in Stratford area and is happy to be able to connect and share what she has learned with her hometown, helping and guiding you to reconnect with your breath, body and mind.  She is a firm believer in holding space to be a continuous learner and is excited for what is to come in her adventures on and off the mat. She is also a book lover, moon seeker, star gazer, hot tea drinker, red wine sipper and non spicy food eater.