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Roderick Spence


Roderick first tried yoga in 2008 at a university gym while pursuing his degrees in literature and history. The poses and discipline soon inspired his lifelong study of the human body, breath and internal awareness.

Through yoga studios in Montreal, Toronto and Stratford, he is grateful to have learned from as many different teachers, yoga backgrounds, books and modern approaches as he has. Roderick has taught for over half a decade and completed over 1 000 hours in yoga teacher trainings, including 70 hours with Donna Farhi on Modern Teaching Methodology and 200 hours within the traditional lineage of Mahayogi Gokulacandra das.

Roderick creates safe and accessible classes for all body types and abilities. His approach encourages both deep relaxation and appropriate degrees of difficulty to nurture the unique body, breath and mind of each student. His primary aim is to create a safe, open space for students to learn and teach themselves about the workings of their wondrous inner world.