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Trade in weekly work drinks and give your office the gift of wellness! We’re definitely about balance and agree that Friday drinks can be nice, but leaving a hot yoga class can be even more satisfying.

Many successful businesses and companies are reaping the benefits of corporate wellness programs, from increased productivity, to improved staff retention and decreased sick days. Yoga is widely recognised for its many benefits, including building strength, flexibility, and physical balance. Psychological advantages include: increased self-awareness, clarity of thinking, improved decision-making, and practising yoga is an antidote to daily stress.

We have a number of excellent corporate yoga packages on offer to make practising yoga accessible to you and your staff. We are conveniently located on the corners of Mentmore and Morley Avenues in the heart of Rosebery. Alternatively, we can provide you with classes onsite at your office, tailored to suit your company’s needs.

A morning, midday or after work yoga session can energise and spark creativity. You’ll leave class feeling refreshed, inspired, and ready to take on the world!

To transform your team’s productivity, health and happiness, check out our accessible and flexible corporate offerings below. You can email us at with any questions you may have. If you have a smaller office, we could possibly cater a different price option for you.

Contact us for more information and to organise something for your team today!

corporate yoga

corporate yoga