Online Classes

2 ways to keep practising with us!

1) ONLINE CLASSES by signing up in our schedule and viewing through Zoom.


  1.  Drop-in online class $12 per class, or if you have class passes purchased with us, they will be accepted for use for these classes.
  2. Pay $60 for the month and receive:
  • Access to ALL of the classes on our Online Live-Stream (OLS) schedule
  • First month with Modo Online FREE (if you’ve not signed up yet).  Modo Online has pre-recorded yoga classes to watch at anytime, where you can practise with Modo teachers from around the world ($20 USD/month value); hopefully Thy, Carmen & Joanna will be on there soon!
  1. Pay your full rate (rate you were on when we closed) of Membership to receive:
  • Access to ALL classes on our OLS schedule
  • FREE access to Modo Online for the duration of time our studio is closed for. This also includes access to the “Live to Learn” live-stream workshop offered once a week by different senior teachers in the global Modo Yoga community ($30 USD/week value).
  • Special access to OLS small group classes (max. 10 students). These classes will only be offered once per week where the instructor will not be demonstrating poses (or very minimally) and be actually watching you practise and correcting through verbal adjustments and encouragement. We will launch these classes from May 1 – dates for these classes will be announced on Monday, April 13.
  • An invite to join a Facebook ‘Members Only’ page to ask questions or share insights, and keep connected with your teachers and our Modo Yoga Sydney community.
  • If you were not on the AIR Membership with us before, price is $125/month.
  1. Keep your current Membership suspended 
  • Practise with us through one-off classes on Instagram LIVE and Facebook.
  • You can pay for drop-in online classes, $12.
  • You can make a donation to our teachers HERE.
  1. See our Mindbody schedule online or via the MBO App on your smartphone, sign up to the class you want to take –  just like you used to do! All classes on the schedule are able to be signed into.
  2. After you sign into the class, within about 10 minutes, you’ll receive an email from FitGrid x Modo Yoga Sydney, confirming your class with us and you will receive the link to the class about 1 hour before class begins. If you do not see the email come through, in these time frames, please check your spam/promotions folder in your email.
  3. We use Zoom software that you can download on your phone or computer. The first time you join a class, give yourself a couple of extra minutes to get everything going.
  4. We will be using it in the “webinar” style – there’s no chance of your camera or microphone being broadcast to others.
  5. If you have questions for the teacher or just want to say a quick “Hello!”, you’ll have about 5 minutes before and after class to do so by audio or by written chat. Once class begins, please ensure you mute your microphone so that you do not interfere with or interrupt the instructor.

If you have any questions or troubles booking, send us an email to



2) Modo Yoga Online classes! (see below for full details)


laptop with modo online inside - online yoga classes


At a time when it feels like our community support circles are growing increasingly smaller, we want you to know that you are ALSO part of a greater community. Modo Yoga is a community of 75 studios around the world, all guided by the same pillars, the same connection, the same sweat, fun, and family that make our studio so special.

Practise Now. 
Practise Peace. 
Practise Anywhere.

Modo teachers from all over the world have contributed to a library of on-demand content waiting for you to access at your convenience, in addition to special live streamed events.
We invite you to enjoy this service for free for at least one month. We care about this community and want to help you keep up your practice both in and out of the studio.

Who is Modo Online For?
Modo is a place for all, and we want you all to continue to have a place to practise whether you can come into the studio or not. This platform was created for you – the Modo community, and anyone else that you think might benefit from practice during these challenging times.

When signing up, use the promo code: SYD to access Modo Yoga Online for free. Near the end of the first free month, we will contact all our current AIR Members with a special offer to continue receiving access to Modo Online for free, which will also include free access to the live stream workshops that change weekly. Access to these sessions is also available for non-members at a price of $30 per session.

The best way you can show support for us is to keep coming to practise with us if possible, and stay on your AIR Membership. Thank you again for your support during this time, it means so much to us and helps to keep us going as a business.

How else can you support our community?
Thank you to so many of you that have reached out to ask how you can support us. We have been moved to tears by your generosity and concern. Please feel free to share Modo Yoga Online with everyone and we can continue cultivating a community built on creating health and peace on the inside and out. There is also a link to donate directly to our studio on the Modo Yoga Online platform. This amount will go directly to our teaching staff who are all financially impacted by our studio’s temporary closure.

How do I use it?

  • Create an account at Modo Yoga Online
  • If you see a blank screen, please wait a moment for it to load; we are thrilled with the interest in this platform, but it is contributing to slowness on the site. We are confident that this will not be a long term issue #modobreakstheinternet
  • Click “Modo Yoga Online Membership”
  • You will be asked to enter your credit card information but will not be charged for the first month, when you enter in the promo code on the right hand side of: SYD
  • You’re signed up and ready to go! Browse, practise and enjoy!

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask: