Cindy Lagon

Modo & Prenatal Teacher

Cindy Lagon

Modo, Flow & Yin Teacher

My story on how I landed up as a yoga teacher is a long drawn out saga that evolved over a long period of time. Maybe 10 years? I was always interested in yoga but always found an excuse not to go to class. I was eventually one day lured to a class by a friend. With the promise of a heated room, which living in cold, grey London was a huge draw card. I was not prepared for the intrusive sweaty Bikram class I landed up in. It was tough. The instructor was very shouty, but there was definitely something more to yoga than just ‘wrapping myself up like a Japanese ham sandwich’ that had me hooked.

So began a sketchy yoga practise and dabblings in lots of different studios, experiencing what was out there and trying to find a practice that was a good fit for me. One day at a power yoga studio I had been practising at for a while, it dawned on me that my daydream of maybe becoming a yoga teacher wasn’t an absolutely insane idea. I could do this, and I really wanted to do this. I found myself on my first teacher training with Baron Baptiste in Hawaii.

I have since that first training moved to Sydney from London with my husband, fallen in love with a beautiful city, snuck in a few more teacher trainings and fulfilled my dream of teaching yoga full time.

My yoga practise and philosophy is to focus on the breath, be kind to yourself and connect to your body.

As a teacher I encourage my students to focus on these points and find the joy in their practise. Yoga is super fun and super challenging, for me it has always been a journey of self discovery.