Tam Nguyen

Flow & Yin Teacher

Tam Nguyen

Flow & Yin Yoga Instructor

Initially introduced to yoga in 2012, Tam has been practicing on a regular basis and enjoys the self-awareness that yoga helps him cultivate both on and off the mat. For him, yoga is a transformational journey that occurs on a daily basis. 

Tam decided to become a yoga teacher to deepen his own passion for yoga and share the benefits that it has to offer through inspiration and guidance. He also wanted to share with students that yoga is much more than just about the asana practice.

Tam loves to teach a strong, fluid and well balanced class that is also dynamic, and playful that includes purposeful sequences. His favourite sequences are ones that prepare students for handstands, inversions, & arm balances, and that are safely integrated into classes to build strength & confidence – ‘Emphasis is on the journey, rather the outcome’.

“My objective for every class is to teach safely whilst keeping students aware and engaged with both their body and mind.  I am aware that everybody is different and cater as much as I can to teach to the individual as well as the whole class.”