Terri Bertakis

Yin Teacher

Terri Bertakis

Yang Yin & Yin Teacher

The mantra “Energy flows where the mind goes” is Terri’s way to create a life of desire and passion.

As a dedicated student since 2012, Terri was drawn to the practice after noticing the benefits in the mind, body and soul connection! She realised yoga was more than just moving the body and the breath it was more about moving the conscious self.

Terri believes in the art of attention, and moving meditation. She teachers yoga to encourage all students to come back to their authentic self. Inspired by nature’s rhythms, the energetics of the body, anatomy, poetry, music and philosophy, Terri infuses all these elements into her classes.

You can expect her teaching yoga through the breath, for the mind to settle, in order to touch the soul.