Women’s Circle




In the slow of Winter, where life appears to pause.
A stirring remains; quiet yet constant, like the thud of a distant drum.
Descend below the surface, the pulsation of life continues deep within Mother Earth’s rich soil.
Within every woman lies a well of knowing and infinite creativity;
a wild terrain where ideas are nurtured and become manifest.
‘Roots’ is a nourishing winter gathering for women to connect to their source; the pelvis.
Practices will be offered to cultivate and rejuvenate your relationship with the root of your being.
Places are limited to keep an intimate and sacred space – be sure to book your spot!
What is a Women’s Circle?
Women’s Circles are a place for like hearted women to create heart felt community.
We tap back into remembering the beauty of the female form in all its expressions and
re-learn ways to embrace and honour ourselves and each other from a place of deep love.
We will celebrate, move, laugh and connect together as a community.
There is no prior yoga or meditation practice experience required – all are welcome.
You will be encouraged to speak openly and authentically from the heart; what is true to you in the moment.

What to expect:
Guided meditation ~ Movement/dance ~ Group Sharing~ Self Reflection/Writing

Saturday, July 27
TIME: 6:30 – 8:30PM
Investment: $40
10% of each ticket will be donated to
One Girl in our continued support
of the global sisterhood.