Dina Tsouluhas

Training Faculty

Dina Tsouluhas co-facilitates the Modo Flow and Sequencing trainings. Her focus is on Anatomy.

As an avid learner, Dina inspires trainees to approach and appreciate their bodies in a whole new way by leading them to explore the fundamental workings of each movement and breath.

Having studied at the School of Osteopathy, Dina has an unwavering passion and innate curiosity about the human body.

Dina is always on the go as the co-owner of several Modo Yoga studios, including: Modo Yoga Montreal, Modo Yoga NDG, Modo Yoga West Island, Modo Yoga Griffintown, Modo Yoga Halifax, and Modo Yoga Portland.

When she’s not at a studio, you can find her in Peru working to protect the Amazonian rainforest through her work with Junglekeepers, an organization she co-founded.

In other news, Dina also really likes ketchup.