Sarah Fossen

Director of Teacher Training

Sarah Fossen is our Director of Teacher Training, which means she has a hand in all facets of the Modo Yoga Teacher Trainings—if you’re attending our training, you’ll definitely be in contact with this sweet soul.

She completed her Modo Yoga Teacher Training in Montreal in 2013.

Sarah is all about logistics and communication with prospective and current teachers.

Since her days working as an energy exchanger at Modo Yoga Saskatoon, Sarah has been inspired by the positive change created when people come together and form community.

Sarah loves sunshine and Saskatoon, which she likes to call the “Paris of the Prairies.”

You’ll often find her rockin’ her (fabulous) faux fur green coat, which she picked up in L.A. (yes, she knows it’s not practical for Saskatoon winters).

She also enjoys bouldering and writing poetry that she’ll never show to anyone but her momma.